A trick to make your marijuana grow faster and produce more

Posted on Mar 28 , 2024

Want to know how to make your cannabis plants grow faster, stronger, and produce more?

A simple but often overlooked tip can help you!

That’s it – proper pruning techniques.

Pruning your cannabis plants may sound daunting. After all, who would want to take a stab at these hard-working green treasures?

But the truth is, instead of harming your plants, proper pruning will promote healthier, more vigorous growth. However, improper pruning may result in slow growth or even plant damage.

First, let’s look at the benefits of pruning your cannabis plants:

1.Promote stronger growth: By removing some parts of the plant, you can stimulate the remaining parts to grow more vigorously.

2. Increase yield: Proper pruning can help plants use light sources more efficiently and encourage more flowers to form.

3.Improved plant health: Removing old or diseased leaves reduces the risk of disease and maintains the overall health of the plant

Cannabis Trimmed vs Untrimmed

So how do you prune your cannabis plants correctly? Here are a few tips:

1. top trim

  • Purpose: To stimulate the growth of side branches and increase the lushness and potential flower spots of the plant.

  • Timing: Early in plant growth, when the plant has 5 to 7 pairs of true leaves.

  • Method: Find the top of the main stem of the plant and gently cut off the newly grown top part. Make sure to use sharp, sterile scissors to reduce wound healing time

2.Clean lower leaves

  • Purpose: Improve air circulation and light, focusing on promoting the growth of upper flowers

  • Timing: A few weeks before flowering.

  • Method: Carefully remove the twigs and leaves from the lower part of the plant, leaving the top 2/3 of the green part. This helps focus the plant's energy and resources into more productive parts.

3. Detail trimming

  • Purpose: Improve light efficiency and promote flower development.

  • Timing: end of growing season and early flowering period.

  • Method: Gently remove large leaves that obscure flowers or growing points without affecting the overall health of the plant. The focus is to increase light and ventilation inside the plant, but avoid excessive pruning.

    Marijuana trimming


  • Use sharp, sterilized tools: This reduces the risk of plant injury and infection.

  • Prune moderately: Avoid removing too many parts of the plant at once. Pruning should be done gradually to avoid undue stress on the plant.

  • Observe the plant’s response: After pruning, closely observe the plant’s recovery and growth response, and adjust the subsequent pruning plan in a timely manner.

I know you must still have many questions in your mind! Don't worry, I picked a few common ones to answer, I hope they can help you.

Is Pruning Marijuana Plants Really Necessary?

Absolutely. Proper pruning promotes healthier plant growth, increases yields, and helps prevent disease and pest attacks.

At what stage of growth should I prune?

The best time to prune is during the early growth and pre-flowering stages of your cannabis plant. Avoid large-scale pruning during the mid-to-late flowering period to avoid unnecessary stress on the plant.

Do I need to do anything special to the plant after tip pruning?

After pruning, make sure the plant has adequate water and nutrients to help it recover. Keep the environment stable and avoid extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

What should I do if I'm not sure how to prune?

Try a light pruning at first and see how the plant responds. Use the correct tools and make sure they are clean to prevent the spread of disease. You can also check out tutorials or consult an experienced grower.

Will pruning harm my plants?

If done correctly, pruning will not harm the plant. In fact, moderate pruning will stimulate healthier growth. However, excessive or incorrect pruning can indeed cause stress or damage to the plant.

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