Advantage of LED Grow Light for Vertical Farming

Posted on Jul 06 , 2023


With a deep understanding of vertical farming from 10 years worldwide projects experience, VANQ’s vertical farming LED lighting solutions deliver all the proven benefits of LED technology as a complete solution. For over 10 years, we have been offering vertical farmers extensive support in the form of calculations and light plans by technical experts, as well as cultivation advice from our plant specialists.

Advantage of LED Grow Light for Vertical Farming

  • Proven light recipes for various crops

  • High and stable yields, reduces production costs and continuously stabilizes supply

  • Improves quality, nutrient content and flavor

  • Shortens delivery time and provides fresh vegetables from a local supply

  • Improves land use rate and increases the yield per unit area by muti-shelves cultivation

  • Energy savings and less investment in the HVAC system


GLTW050 50W LED Grow Light Bar

GLTW050 is the ideal LED grow light for professional growers using vertical farming growing methods.

  • Customizable spectrum for various growing applications

  • High PPF and Efficacy: 135μmol/s, 2.7μmol/J

  • Unique rectangular light distribution, and superior thermal conductivity

  • Industrial grade IP65 waterproof protection

  • Daisy Chain Function

Today, vertical gardening is the most practiced farming technique in urban areas where citizens urge to grow organic food for meeting local fresh produce needs.The growers need to control temperature, humidity, CO2, and light well according to the needs of plants that grow in any vertical farming system.

Vertical Farming Ideas

Vertical gardening is considered one of the most reliable farming methods where growers could consistently grow the crops of their choosing. Whatever is the outdoor weather, growers get least affected by the extreme weather happenings if the plants adjust themselves to the indoor growing environment.

The growers can take a start at any time, as the concepts of spring or Autumn is out of the question there. Moreover, postharvest losses reduce to a greater extent. However, the vines or vegetables that grow in vertical farming are more perishable than the field crops. The postharvest care could extend product life that includes preservation of juices, extracts, pulps, and more.

Generally, the vertical gardeners are at liberty to design and build their farming systems irrespective of the climate and location. The stacking allows vertical gardeners to increase their growing space considerably.

One of the biggest advantages growing in the vertical systems is zero involvement of chemicals and insecticides that otherwise are a potential threat to humans’ health. Some vertical gardeners somehow use water-soluble fertilizers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in large proportion. But, alternatives are available that derive such nutrients from organic sources and limit the potential threat to humans and the environment.

While growing in an environmentally controlled farming system like vertical farming, it provides the growers with an opportunity to regulate temperature, and multiple heating and cooling options may be available to control this factor. Similarly, they could control humidity and CO2 to the desired extent during different stages of growth. The light is responsible for food assimilation and the entire physiological processes in plants.Click to view the whole article

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