Are flowering lights useful for cannabis?

Posted on Jan 05 , 2024

Light requirements in cannabis cultivation

Light is a key factor in the cultivation of cannabis, especially during the different stages of its growth. Cannabis plants rely on light for photosynthesis, which is the basis for their growth and production of active ingredients such as THC and CBD. During a plant's flowering stage, the quality and type of light are critical to plant health and yield.


The role of flowering lights:

Flowering lights have special spectral characteristics. They not only provide the right light intensity, but also contain specific wavelengths of light that are essential for the flowering growth of cannabis plants. For example, ultraviolet (UV) light helps increase THC production, while far-infrared (FR) light helps promote flowering. These special spectral components mimic natural light environments, optimizing plant growth conditions. The flowering stage is a critical stage in the life cycle of cannabis, and it has special needs for light at this time. 

The following are several key points of the role of flowering lights:

  • Provision of specific spectrum: The spectrum provided by the flowering stage lamp is carefully designed to meet the special needs of cannabis during the flowering stage. This includes a higher proportion of red light, which is essential for plants to bloom and produce flowers.

  • Promote the synthesis of active ingredients: Light of specific wavelengths, such as ultraviolet (UV), can promote cannabis plants to produce more resins and active ingredients, such as THC and CBD. This is very important to enhance the medicinal value and effects of cannabis.

  • Imitate the natural environment: Flowering lights create a suitable lighting environment by imitating the specific spectrum of natural light, helping cannabis plants better adapt to their growth stages, thereby improving overall health and yield.

  • Regulate the plant’s physiological cycle: Specific light spectrums, such as far-infrared (FR), are very effective in regulating the biological clock of cannabis plants and promoting their entry into the flowering stage. FR light simulates the lighting conditions of sunset and accelerates plants to enter the night resting stage, thus promoting flowering.

Flower light during flowering period

Therefore, flowering lights play a vital role in cannabis cultivation. They not only provide a suitable lighting environment, but also optimize the growth and flowering process of plants through specific bands of light, such as UVB and far-infrared rays (FR). This not only increases yields but also improves the quality of the crops.

UVB plant growth light

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