Best container for cannabis cultivation indoors

Posted on Jul 01 , 2020


When it comes to flower pots, your cannabis only needs one thing and one thing: a safe and healthy place for root development. Without healthy roots, your cannabis will grow forever. Roots are responsible for retaining water, absorbing nutrients, fixing plants, and also helping Nutritional growth. All these functions must be considered when choosing a container for cannabis cultivation.

For the root system to develop and prosper, they will need the following conditions:

  • Drainage: Water retention is essential for healthy plants, otherwise, cannabis will wither and die. But too much water will irrigate the plants, causing the roots to rot and kill the roots.

  • Oxygen: Plant roots need oxygen to function properly. Choose a container that should provide enough oxygen for root development without overexposure to the element-the container does this through various types of perforations.

  • Nutrients: Roots need the best conditions for nutrient absorption. This includes pH balance, optimal temperature and nutrient utilization.

  • Space: The root needs enough space to expand. A container that is too small can cause it to take root and block the plant.

Common pots for cannabis cultivation

The flower pots provided by the garden center and planting supply chain vary depending on the material composition, shape, size and perforation pattern.

Traditional plastic container

For growers with limited budgets, standard plastic containers are a popular choice. These flowerpots are cheap, but they still provide the necessities for your plants.


  • Low overhead

  • Firm drainage (and easy to add more holes)

  • Porting is easy and cheap


  • Unable to protect the root system from temperature fluctuations

  • Lack of durability, which can cause cracks and structural damage over time

  • Depending on the growth medium, there may be airflow problems

Ceramic pot

In hot climates, ceramic pots, also known as terracotta warriors, provide growers with a series of unique benefits.


  • Absorb moisture and keep the temperature low on hot days

  • Heavy weight helps to fix larger plants


  • Drainage is not ideal; you can drill holes in the pot, but special tools are needed and labor intensity is higher

  • Heavy weight makes it difficult to transport plants

Fabric container

A relatively new innovation in container gardening is that the root of the flower pot grows to the outer edge and attempts to bypass the porous fabric wall. Instead, they were cut, allowing new growth to occur. This process is called "air pruning" and produces a denser root composition that promotes healthy growth and development.


  • Promotes dense, healthy root system

  • Increased root airflow

  • Excellent drainage system for well-maintained gardens


  • Since the flower pots dry out quickly, more attention and maintenance are required. Note: You can use larger flower pots to help slow down the drying time.

  • Fragile structure may make plant support more challenging

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