Best Full spectrum LED Grow Lights 2020

Posted on Jun 22 , 2020


When you are planning to grow plants, orchids, fruits, and vegetables indoors, if you check the grow light information online, then you will often see full-spectrum grow lights. So what is the full spectrum LED grow lights and its benefits?

What is full spectrum LED Grow lights

Sunlight is called fullspectrum light because it includes all the wavelength ranges needed to sustain any life form on Earth. These wavelengths are infrared, visible and ultraviolet. However, the human eye can only respond to one wavelength-visible light. Full-spectrum LED plant lights generally refer to those LED grow lights whose spectrum contains visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light.

Is full spectrum lighting good for plants?

Red light and blue light are essential for plants. Therefore, many common LED plant light only contains red and blue light. Some people think that full-spectrum LED lights are better because they can ensure that plants get all the wavelengths present in natural light. According to some studies, wavelengths other than red and blue are also beneficial for certain aspects of plant growth.

Do LED Grow Lights Really Work for Indoor Plants?

Benefits of full spectrum LED grow lights

1. Higher productivity

Compared with traditional LED grow lights, full spectrum lights have a more positive effect on plant growth. Indoor plants grown under full spectrum LED grow light are more productive, grow better, and have less depression.

2. Better spectrum

Full-spectrum lamps is specifically used to generate wavelengths that plants absorb. A better spectrum produces healthier plants.

3. Support the entire growth cycle

By emitting all wavelengths, the full-spectrum LED growth lamp is suitable for the entire growth cycle of plants without any auxiliary light or affecting quality.

Disadvantages of full spectrum LED grow light

1. Low energy efficiency

Unlike ordinary LED grow lights, the full-spectrum model consumes more energy to produce more wavelengths. Therefore, compared with other LED plant growth lamps, their energy efficiency is lower and the running cost is higher.

2. Full spectrum LED grow lights are very expensive.

Their prices are higher than ordinary LED plant growth lights as well as HID, HPS, fluorescent lights and other conventional lights. In fact, these are the most expensive types of LED plant growth lights.

Should I buy full spectrum LED grow light

It depends on what kind of plants you need to grow and the required growth stage.

For plant types

  • If you are only planting a plant, you can ask your growth lamp supplier, he will recommend a LED grow light with the best spectral ratio for you;

  • If you grow many different types of plants, then the specific spectral ratio may not be able to meet your plant growth. At this time, what you need most is a full spectrum LED grow light.

Plant growth stage

Some indoor farms are used for specific growth stages, such as seedlings. If plants are transplanted into an outdoor environment, it may not be necessary to use full-spectrum LED growth lamps. However, if you plan to plant the plant entirely in an indoor environment, then a full-spectrum lamp is the best.

Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2020

With the development of LED technology, full-spectrum plant growth lights are getting better and better. We VANQ LED have developed a brand new 600W full spectrum LED grow light – GLIC650. Below are the advantages of it.

1.Full spectrum wavelengths 380-840nm, and it is designed with 2 channels for VEG and Bloom.

2. High PPFD for plants at recommend distance.

3. Active cooling by fan and fan lifetime ≥ 50,000 hrs

This professional LED grow light is designed for cannabis grow indoor/grow tent. Wholesale and retail, please leave your information here. We also provide customization.

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