Cape Town Cannabis Expo Review: THEONEGROW Leads Future Grow Technology

Posted on Mar 30 , 2024

In March 2024, Cape Town, South Africa, became the focus of the global cannabis industry. For three days, the Cape Town Convention Center became a mecca for exploring the future of the cannabis industry. From the latest technology to planting summits, from in-depth exchanges between industry experts to passionate collisions among enthusiasts, every moment is full of future possibilities.

THEONEGROW, brings its high-efficiency horticultural lighting solutions designed specifically for cannabis cultivation. From 200W entry-level lamps to 1600W high-performance grow lights, to 1.5-meter grow tents and grow racks customized for specific growing spaces, THEONEGROW showcases a complete cannabis growing ecosystem.

Cannabis cultivation ecosystem

In the busy exhibition site, there are always crowds of people in front of THEONEGROW's booth. Visitors showed great interest in various plant growth lights, especially 1600W and 1000W lamps, which are favored for their excellent energy efficiency ratio and optimized spectral design. A local cannabis cultivation expert from Cape Town shared his thoughts on the 1900W lamp: “I had been looking for a solution that could increase production while maintaining energy efficiency, and this lamp from THEONEGROW not only met my needs, but also Exceeded my expectations.”

Another visitor expressed his appreciation for THEONEGROW's ability to provide a complete set of cultivation solutions: "This is my first time trying cannabis cultivation. From lamps to cultivation tents, THEONEGROW provides a one-stop shopping experience, allowing me to easily start my cultivation." planting journey.”

Exhibition exchange

Through this cannabis expo, THEONEGROW not only demonstrated the advancement of its products, but also learned about the real needs of the market through direct communication with users. This interaction not only provides valuable input for THEONEGROW's future product development, but also provides a learning and communication platform for visitors.

As the cannabis industry continues to develop and mature, THEONEGROW will continue to work on developing more efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation technologies to help growers achieve higher yields and better quality. We look forward to establishing deeper partnerships with cannabis industry experts and enthusiasts around the world to jointly explore the future possibilities of cannabis cultivation.

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