How to Choose Cannabis Seeds

Posted on Mar 20 , 2024

Before you start growing cannabis, have you ever thought about what your goals are? This is not a simple question, as it directly affects which cannabis seeds you choose. Different seeds fulfil different needs, so don't worry, let's figure it out step by step.

Medical vs. Recreational

Medical use: are you looking to relieve pain, anxiety or epilepsy? Then you'll want to choose seeds that are rich in CBD (a non-psychoactive ingredient), which can relieve the symptoms of many ailments, but won't get you "high".

Recreational use: You just want to experience that feeling of pleasure, relaxation and even euphoria? Seeds high in THC, the main ingredient in cannabis that makes you feel high, are better for you.

Yield vs Quality

Go for yield: If your goal is to harvest as much as possible, then you'll want to go for seeds that have a short growing cycle and a high yield. This kind of seed will give you the biggest harvest in the shortest amount of time, although you may have to compromise a little on quality. It depends on whether you want more quantity or quality?

Go for quality: if you value quality more, then you'll want to go for the boutique seeds that have a special emphasis on aroma, flavour and effect. Although such seeds don't yield much, that unique experience is often worth the extra effort and wait.

Individualised needs

Special attributes: do you have specific needs? For example, a special aroma, colour or resistance to pests and diseases. When choosing seeds, remember to take these factors into account as well.

Once you have defined your planting objectives, it is particularly important to choose the right type of seed. Different seed types are suited to different growers' needs, so take a look at these seed types.

Autoflowering Seeds

Characteristics: Autoflowering seeds do not depend on changes in photoperiod to flower, but automatically flower according to the age of the plant.

Advantage: Ideal for novice growers and those looking for a quick harvest, as well as for indoor and outdoor environments where light conditions are unstable. Simply a boon for lazy growers!

Disadvantage: although autoflowering seeds grow fast, they usually produce lower yields compared to non-autoflowering seeds. It depends on whether you want to save money or have a high yield?

Autoflowering Seeds

Feminised Seeds

What: Specially treated feminised seeds will grow almost 100% into female plants, producing cannabinoid-rich flowers straight away.

Benefits: Eliminates the need to identify and cull male plants, simplifies grow management, and increases efficiency and yield. No more worrying about male plants mixing in!

Disadvantage: while feminised seeds are more convenient, they are usually more expensive than conventional seeds and are not suitable for growers looking to breed their plants.

Whether you're looking for high CBD content for medical use or high THC content for recreational use, feminised seeds ensure that almost every seed grows into a female plant that produces flowers straight away. This way, you won't have to bother with identifying and culling male plants, making growing efficient.

Choosing feminised seeds will also help you focus on improving the quality and yield of your plants, especially for growers who are particular about their end product. Quality and yield, you can have both!


Feminized Seeds

Growing Objectives

Recommended Seed Types

Why choose this type?

Seed Recommendations

Medical Use

Feminized Seeds Rich in CBD

High CBD content is suitable for medical purposes, and feminized seeds ensure that almost all plants will flower, increasing the yield of active ingredients.

Kera Classic - CBD Black Diamond - Kera Seeds;Northern Lights CBD - OO Seeds

Recreational Use

Feminized Seeds High in THC

High THC content provides intense recreational effects, and feminized seeds simplify the cultivation process while ensuring consistent yields.

THC Pro - Big Head Seeds;THC Bomb Auto - Bomb Seeds

Fast Harvest

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds, which do not depend on light cycles for flowering, are suitable for quick crop rotations and beginners.quick crop rotations and beginners.

Purple Lemonade - FastBuds;Pineapple Express - FastBuds

Special Attributes (such as aroma, color)

Feminized Seeds with Special Attributes

Feminized seeds ensure that all plants are female, focusing on enhancing specific attribute qualities.

Purple Lemonade - FastBuds;Dark Devil Auto - Sweet Seeds

Each type of seed has different uses, so how do you choose? 

It's important to consider your own goals, environment, experience, and other factors to make the best choice. I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or need more professional advice and assistance with seed selection, don't hesitate to click on the chat box below to contact us immediately! We have extensive cultivation experience and seed knowledge and can provide personalized cultivation solutions to help you go further on your cannabis cultivation journey.

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