How to enhance the aroma of cannabis

Posted on Jul 10 , 2024

Have you ever wondered why cannabis has all kinds of aromas?

It's all thanks to terpenes.

1. So what are terpenes?


Terpenes are versatile compounds in plants that not only give plants their unique aroma and taste, but also affect the overall experience to some extent.

Terpenes are particularly important in the cannabis plant, as they are naturally released into the air through the plant's petals, leaves, and resin glands, creating a complex combination of aromas. This not only gives each cannabis strain its unique smell and taste, but also contributes to the various medical and recreational effects of cannabis.

Terpenes aren't just there to make your cannabis smell better, it also has a variety of potential health benefits. For example, some terpenes have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial properties. Next, let's take a look at what are the common terpenes.

2. Common terpene types

There are many types of terpenes in cannabis, each with a unique aroma and potential therapeutic benefits. Understanding these common terpene types can help cultivators and consumers better select and use cannabis products. Here are ten common terpenes and their properties:

terpene types

  • Limonene: With a distinct citrus aroma, it may help to elevate mood and reduce stress.

  • Pinene: Pine scent that may help reduce pain and promote relaxation.

  • Myrcene: Possesses a spicy aroma and has been studied for anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

  • Piperine: Peppery flavor that may help improve concentration and memory.

  • Camphrene: Contains aromas of camphor and peppermint, which have the potential to help the respiratory system.

  • Yucone: Has a woody aroma and may have anti-inflammatory effects.

  • α-Terpenes: Have a bitter apple flavor and may help improve sleep.

  • Beta Myristylene: Contains an aroma of nutmeg, which has been shown to have possible digestive benefits.

  • Chamomilene: A chamomile-like aroma that may help reduce anxiety and inflammation.

  • Ylang ylangene: has a floral scent and may play a role in boosting mood and increasing feelings of relaxation.

3. Specific methods to increase terpene production

In cannabis cultivation, the rich diversity of terpenes not only affects the multi-dimensionality of aroma, but also profoundly affects the overall effect and user experience of the plant. By optimizing cultivation techniques, the yield of terpenes in cannabis can be significantly increased. Here are some proven methods for maximizing terpene content in cannabis:

increase terpene

  • Soil Selection and Management: Is Normal Soil good enough? Of course not. You'll need to use soil rich in organic matter, and you also need to maintain a proper pH, hemp prefers a slightly acidic environment, and the pH of the soil is best kept between 6.0 and 7.0. Add a little humus and microbial inoculant, the roots absorb nutrients well, and the terpene yield is going to be high.

  • Light Optimization: Is it enough for cannabis to simply bask in natural light? Of course not, full-spectrum LED lights to help simulate natural sunlight, especially the ultraviolet part, can greatly increase terpene production.

  • Precise water and fertilizer management: Too much water is not enough, and too little. Drip irrigation systems and timed irrigation technology can help you with this. Fertilization also needs to be in place, especially the supply of phosphorus and potassium, to promote the production of terpenes.

  • Environmental control: Temperature and humidity are also critical. Too hot, terpenes volatilize. Maintain a moderate humidity in the air and avoid too high or too low to ensure the stability of terpenes.

  • Plant training and pruning: Proper training and pruning, such as low-pitching and screen greening techniques (ScrOG), can increase the light area and promote the growth of more flowers. Minor mechanical damage can also motivate plants to produce more terpenes.

  • Harvesting and curing techniques: Harvest at the time when terpene content is at its highest, usually in the morning, as plants accumulate more oil and aroma compounds during the night. Drying and curing should also be done slowly, evenly dried, and terpenes should be retained to the greatest extent.

With the above methods, you can effectively increase the terpene content in cannabis, thereby enhancing its aroma and overall effect.

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