Should I choose to grow cannabis a greenhouse or indoors?

Posted on May 30 , 2024

On the road to cannabis cultivation, it's important to provide a suitable growing environment for the plant, which is important for the quality and yield of the product at a later stage. Many growers are faced with a key decision: should they choose to grow in a greenhouse or indoors? Today, we'll explore the pros and cons of both growing methods in detail.




Greenhouse growing, as a semi-open growing method, provides a degree of environmental control while utilizing natural light and reducing energy consumption.

By installing devices like shade nets and fans, you can control the climate of this site and keep your plants comfortable.

Most importantly, the upfront investment is relatively low.


Of course, there are downsides to cannabis cultivation, so let's take a look.

At the first sign of extreme weather, such as heavy rains or scorching heat, your greenhouse can turn into plant hell. Those seemingly healthy plants could collapse overnight. Are you prepared to deal with this risk?

And let's not forget the eternal topic of pests and diseases. The hot and humid conditions in the greenhouse are literally a breeding ground for pests and diseases. If you're too lazy to check regularly, those little things will show no mercy.

Also, cannabis needs to grow at a PPFD of around 800-1400 during flowering, with daylight hours ideally controlled to 12 light and 12 hours of darkness, and simply counting on the weather outside to meet this condition seems a bit difficult.

Think about it, what are you growing for?

Isn't it about higher yields and better quality plants?

You can't talk about quality and yield when you can't even meet the most basic growing needs of marijuana.

Indoor planting

Indoor planting


Indoors, you are completely on your own to control your growing environment. Adjust the light cycle, humidity and temperature exactly as the overall

of growth needs to come. This ability to precisely control your environment allows your plants to grow faster, produce more, and be of better quality.

Besides, who doesn't want to produce year after year?

Growing cannabis doors, are you still worried about the state of the season?

Growing indoors means you can produce all year round without any natural weather restrictions. Now for the quality. Can indoor growing dramatically improve the quality of marijuana, including the THC and CBD content?

That's a must. Precise control of every environmental parameter means you can produce the best cannabis on the market.


Growing indoors requires more initial investment compared to growing in a greenhouse. Compared to the cost of those who put up a greenhouse with a few pieces of plastic sheeting, indoor growing requires more investment in terms of remodeling the interior space, installed light fixtures, and so on. The energy consumption of indoor growing will be higher compared to greenhouse growing, and your meter may be spinning with non-stop lights, fans and dehumidification equipment.

When choosing between greenhouses and indoor growing, growers need to decide based on their location, financial situation, and market demand.

Each growing method has its own unique benefits and applicable scenarios. Regardless of which method you choose, understanding the details of each method and preparing a well-prepared management strategy are key to successful planting. 

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