VANQ an innovative LED greenhouse lighting manufacturer

Posted on Jul 27 , 2020

Since 2010, VANQ is directing its entrepreneurial spirit and endeavor to find innovative horticulture lighting solutions. The dedicated diligence enabled us to develop a capacity to offer flexible customization to meet the varying indoor farmers’ needs.

From skills to state-of-the-art technology, we are doing every bit to transform ideas into valuable lighting solutions. Product refinements in the form and design are executed through a specialized agronomy laboratory.

Through our close collaboration, we are walking the ideas of professional growers thrown our way. Last 10 years have witnessed our transformation, we have established ourselves as an innovative LED greenhouse light manufacturer.

Understanding the needs is a key

Understanding the specific needs of different types of growers, VANQ has developed horticulture lighting solutions to serve in four areas: medicinal cannabis cultivation, vertical farming, greenhouse supplemental lighting, and tissue culture. The product variety and innovation we offer make us a distinctive commercial LED grow lights manufacturer.

Whether you are an indoor or greenhouse grower, VANQ produces some of the best cannabis LED grow lights to best serve your cultivation requirements. Over 10 years of experience in LED grow light manufacturing, we create customized greenhouse lights to cater to indoor vertical cannabis growers’ needs.

Capitalizing on advances in materials and design, VANQ LED lights are designed to deliver several advantages to indoor or greenhouse growers.

Wireless control spectrum

From vegetative to flowering, VANQ’s spectra control technology offers greater flexibility and control to growers allowing them to select an optimum spectrum suitable for every growth stage of their plants. Whether you are a commercial conventional indoor grower or professional cultivator, spectra control technology enables you to elicit the desired response at different growth stages of your plants.

VANQ products are equipped with the modern iGrow wireless lighting control system, it offers greater control by allowing growers to program the spectrum according to the distinctive growth cycle needs of their plants. Products such as GLIC650D 650W extend independent spectrum control with unprecedented convenience. Using wireless control technology, the indoor and greenhouse commercial growers can manipulate four channels of spectrum within the GLIC 650D fixture at a scale of 0-100%, including red, blue, infrared, and UV+white. A single controller can manipulate up to 100 pcs of GLIC650D fixtures within a range of 100m(330ft) through the robust wireless communication network.

Blending information technology with lighting innovations, VANQ offers a predesigned lighting program that runs automatically and provides extended convenience not only to control the spectrum but also photoperiod calendar.



Different size requirements

Realizing the different LED light size requirements of cannabis growers, VANQ’s flexible lighting solution addresses the illumination needs of grow tents of different sizes. For instance, GLIC 650 is a full power 650W professional marijuana grow light, its wide beaming angle design can effectively illuminate the 4X4ft flowering area. With a uniform PPFD and spectral distribution, this LED grow light perfectly meets the cultivation needs of commercial marijuana growers.

Coming in full-spectrum, uniform spectral distribution and high efficacy, GLMX720 720W waterproof LED grow light can illuminate an effective flowering footprint of 5ft X 5ft with a PPF of 2160μmol/s.


For a relatively smaller 4ft X 4ft flowering area, GLIC650 650W full spectrum marijuana LED grow light can perfectly address the lighting needs of commercial growers.



Supplemental lights

Greenhouse growers might have to deal with the low levels of solar radiation, supplemental lighting can help maintain crop production. The winter months often see this situation while cloudy summer days can also record a significant fall in solar radiation. VANQ’s purpose-built Greenhouse top supplemental lighting with customizable spectra provides a perfect supplemental light solution. Particularly, GLFI640/320 640W/320W LED grow lights are designed for greenhouse top supplemental lighting; these lighting systems help commercial cannabis growers help improve crop quality, keep production on schedule, and minimize the duration of the growth cycle.

VANQ LED grow lights come with 0-10V dimmers that allow growers to save energy cost by setting the light to meet the desired PPFD levels under different solar radiation conditions.

This means our supplemental lights help cannabis growers get quality produce, keep production on schedule, and produce more yield per year.

Precision and accuracy

Our pursuit to establish VANQ as a distinctive commercial LED grow light manufacturer, we are focusing on accuracy and precision. Making use of the latest technology, VANQ products offer greater flexibility as well as accurate coverage estimates.

Whether you are an experienced grower or new to the world of indoor farming, you would highly appreciate the convenience that our light coverage recipes deliver you.

If you choose VANQ’s 50W IP65 waterproof LED grow light - GLTW050 – to illuminate your greenhouse or indoor field. Your plants can greatly benefit from the unique rectangular light footprint with light utility up to 95% that comes with the enhanced distribution of PPFD within the footprint.


No matter what crop you are growing, GLTW050’s greater flexibility of spectrum customization delivers the exact amount of light that perfectly meets your indoor farms’ growth requirements.

With light fixtures hanged at 12 inches, you can get a roughly rectangular lighting footprint of 1ft x 4ft, with an average PPFD of above 150 umol/m2/s and light utilization up to 95% within this area.

10007 (1).jpg

Light recipes for every stage

Going beyond light manufacturing, the team at VANQ is deeply concerned about how our customers can get top quality and large quantity produce making use of our LED lights.

Along with the adjustable spectrum, VANQ provides proven recipes suitable for each growth stage. For example, with deep blue 460nm and hyper red 660nm spectrum, you can experience the best results during vegetative growth phases and propagation. This light recipe serves well the growth needs of short and compact plants. The good biomass ratio coupled with the extra energy that flows with the blue 460nm bandwidth promotes stomata opening.

By maintaining an overall balance between both photon levels, a good mix between vegetative growth and biomass production can be achieved. Further, our custom spectrum control offers tailor-made solutions specific to the requirements of different plant species.

Higher PPFD output

Thanks to the use of modern technology, VANQ products are built to furnish higher and customizable PPFD outputs. Through Photosynthesis plants convert nutrients into oxygen and energy-rich compounds, and it involves a wider spectrum of light wavelength in the range of 400 to 700 nanometers, called Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR).

The term photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) demonstrates the amount of PAR landing on a specific location of a plant canopy. Each plant species exhibits different PPFD requirements. An increase in PPFD accompanies a rise in photosynthetic rate until a saturation point is reached.

VANQ product manufacturing involves state-of-the-art technology and the best components to deliver indoor growers a consistent higher PPFD output. For example, our products are made from Bridgelux, Epileds, and high efficacy Samsung LEDs with extra blue 450nm, deep red 660nm, and infrared 730nm lights to produce a balanced spectrum and higher PPFD output.

The efficiency and customization of our products enable indoor and greenhouse cannabis growers to better meet their plants' light needs with minimum electricity consumption. In other words, you can get a larger yield with the smallest possible electricity bill.

Less heat generation

Unlike traditional lighting systems, LED lights produce heat through infrared radiations (IR). It is common knowledge that LED produces far less heat but what is less known is the fact that poor quality LED fixtures to end up building up heat inside the fixtures. It not only shortens the life of LED lights but can also affect the quality of your plants.

The team at VANQ places greater efforts into the design to dissipate the heat out of and away from the LED. The designing improvements don’t allow heat to be trapped inside the enclosed fixtures.

Our GLIC650 650W full spectrum marijuana LED Grow Light comes with 3 active cooling fans and 5 UL-listed Meanwell drivers. It ensures a steady and uninterrupted operation inside LED lights producing a consistent light output.

The uniform light output is critical to maintaining the steady growth of your plants. With a purpose-built design, VANQ lighting systems go a long way to keep your environment free of excessive heat. It pushes your HVAC costs considerably down.

Longer lifespan

LED grow lights have a five times longer lifetime than HPS. Their notable longer lifespans may run as long as 50,000 hours. Used 12 hours a day, LED light will last more than 11 years. With 8 hours of daily use, it will last for 17 years.   

Thermal management plays an important role in the successful performance of a LED light over its lifetime. The VANQ products with optimum design specifications prevent heat accumulation inside the enclosed lighting fixtures. The unique heat sink designs and configurations of VANQ products allow efficient heat management.

Making use of the advances in materials and cutting-edge technology, our products display superior heat management and produce a maintained light output throughout their rated lives.

Unlike traditional lighting systems that emit light and heat in all directions, LED lights have an inherited ability to dissipate light in only one direction. This allows LED lights to outperform traditional lighting systems in a multitude of applications. By applying sophisticated engineering capabilities, VANQ LED lights emit lights in multiple directions.

Environment-friendly products

The manufacturing of LED lights and their usage cause less damage to the environment. LED bulbs emit higher light output from one power per unit (lumen). This helps in cutting down greenhouse emissions from power plants.

The inherent efficiency of LED lights ensures a higher conversion of energy into light. At VANQ, we are sharing the common environmental concerns and have aligned our operations from production to delivery to minimize the harmful effects on the environment.

We are capitalizing on advances in material and design to ensure our products exhibit an eco-friendly character over the span of their entire life cycle. The highest energy conversion rate of VANQ products not only helps to keep your energy bill small but also plays a role in protecting the environment.

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