Best Hydroponics Lights 2020

Posted on Jun 20 , 2020


Hydroponics gardening with artificial light imitating the sun’s rays is becoming more and more popular, and there are many choices for hydroponics growers. By using hydroponics lights, you can customize your growing season and encourage plants to flower and bear when needed, without having to rely on good weather.

Are hydroponics lights good for plants?

Do LED Grow Lights Really Work for Indoor Plants?

LED lights are the latest technology in hydroponic gardening, and many growers have vowed not to use any other type of lighting. The price of LEDs is usually higher, but in the long run, they can ultimately save you money.

How much light do hydroponic plants need?

You should plan the system to have at least 14 to 16 hours of bright artificial light, and then 10 to 12 hours of darkness every day. Darkness is as important as light-just like animals, plants need time to rest and metabolize.

How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

How Far Should LED Grow Light Hang On Plants

Generally, the distance between plants and LED grow light is 16-36 inches. The specific distance should be confirmed according to the type of plants and lamps. Please check the instruction manual of the lamp or ask your lamp dealer.

What is the best hydroponic system for beginners?

Advantages of Hydroponics You Should Know

There are various hydroponic systems on the market, ranging from simple to complex, with complete functions. But for beginners, the simplest hydroponic system is the barrel growth system. You can buy from Amazon, eBay, etc.

What’s the best LED light for hydroponics?

The choice of hydroponics lights are according the plants you want to grow and the hydroponic system. For the cannabis, you may need high power COB LED grow lights, and for vegetables, the T8 LED grow lights are good for you. We VANQ have 2 LED grow lights for vertical farming, 10W/20W T8 LED grow light and 40W waterproof LED grow light.



How much does it cost to run a 1000w LED Grow Light?

Total Cost=Power/1000*Hours*Fee. So if a 1000w LED grow light run 16 hours/day and the fee is $0.1/kwh, the total cost is $1.6/day.

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