Best Marijuana Grow Light 2020

Posted on Jun 22 , 2020


The world is currently experiencing a revolution in cannabis cultivation. As more and more states legalize cannabis cultivation and personal use, interest in growing their own weeds at home has never been higher. For many growers who cannot grow marijuana outdoors under sufficient free sunlight, to grow marijuana indoors successfully, there must be a marijuana grow light. The grow light replaces the sun and provides power for the growth of plants and their buds. Light is like the “food” of a plant. Without a lot of bright light, even a healthy cannabis plant will not produce many buds.

How many kinds of grow lights?

For the selection of cannabis plant lights, we need to consider its durability, cost, yield, power, spectrum and other factors. Contemporary indoor cannabis cultivation usually involves one of at least three artificial light sources: HID, CFL and LED. Among them, HID can be divided into metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and luminescent ceramic lamps.

HID Grow Lights

  • MH lamp produces strong blue light. Plants prefer this light during the growth stage, so it is generally used in the plant growth stage.

  • The soft yellow light emitted by the high-pressure sodium lamp, this yellow light helps to promote the mass reproduction of buds, so it is more suitable for the cannabis flowering period.

  • Ceramic plant growth lamps or ceramic metal halides because they have a collection of ceramic heating elements inside the lamp. It has a higher arc tube temperature, which means improved efficiency and color rendering.

CFL Grow Light

CFL is an abbreviation for compact fluorescent lamp, and CFL growth lamp is a smaller version of those fluorescent lamps that can be found in almost every office since Thomas Edison invented the bulb. Fluorescent lamps also have extremely high energy efficiency, allowing you to save a lot of electricity.

LED Grow Light

Over the past decade, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have become ubiquitous in the lighting world. LED lights have many advantages such as long service life, energy saving, full spectrum, spectrum customization, etc.

Comparison among HID, CFL and LED Grow Lights

However, no matter what kind of lamps, there are certain advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s compare HID, CFL and LED grow lights.


High-yield and high-quality buds

Wide coverage and strong penetration

Cheap price

Space saving

Low heat output and power consumption

Less heat, will not burn plants

Energy saving and electricity cost saving

Full spectrum

Long lifetime


Generate a lot of heat

Requires cooling equipment

Short service lifetime

Not good for cannabis blooming

Low cannabis production and low efficiency

High initial cost

Best Marijuana Grow Light 2020

In different growing periods of cannabis, the type of light required is different. Our VANQ LED is dedicated to studying the optimal spectrum for cannabis cultivation, and now we have launched a number of growth lamps dedicated to cannabis cultivation. The following is the main parameter information of this grow light:


Name600W Cannabis Grow Light – GLIC650
Power600W ± 5%
SpectrumFull Spectrum with UV IR, UV has a great effect on cannabis flowering
PPF1100 μmol / s
Lifetime≥50,000 hrs
ChannelVEG AND BLOOM, can be used in the growth and flowering period
Hang Height36 inches

Above is the best LED grow light for weed 2020, want to know more specs and price about the products, please feel free to leave your message here. We have 10 years experience on LED, also provide grow lights customized service.

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