Easy Guide for Buying Cannabis Seeds

Posted on Jun 20 , 2020


Marijuana is legalized in more and more countries and regions, so personal cannabis cultivation has become popular. Of course, to grow cannabis, you need to buy cannabis seeds, here is a guide for you about buing cannabis seeds local or online.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds?

Many world-renowned seed banks are in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain and other countries where there are no strict restrictions on cannabis laws. The seed bank provides seeds from various breeders.

In states with legal or medical marijuana programs for adults, you can purchase seeds through a pharmacy or a specific seed company’s website in your state.

Buy cannabis seeds online

Before buying seeds online, you need to determine the strain to be grown and the breeder to be purchased.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?

It is generally considered legal to purchase cannabis seeds as collectibles or for purposes other than weeds. However, the legality of cannabis seeds is often confusing. Many countries tolerate the use, possession and cultivation of small amounts of weeds, others completely ban the use of weeds, and more and more countries are legalizing or working on cannabis.

Click here to know Cannabis seed legal or not in your country.

Because US federal law still prohibits cannabis, it is difficult to find information about seed banks and breeders. Breeders with a long history and a good reputation are usually a good starting point. To understand the appearance of mature breeding pigeons, please check:



Shopping at the pharmacy

Although this is only available for states that have legal medical and adult use, buying cannabis seeds in a pharmacy is much simpler. However, your options are more limited.

Pharmacy staff should be able to provide you with information about the seeds they sell, but remember that many pharmacies focus on selling flowers and end products. It’s best to call ahead to talk to employees to see if they know anything about seeds and can provide you with specific information about growth.

What is the difference between common seeds, feminized seeds and autoflower seeds?

Regular seeds

If you buy a pack of ordinary seeds, they will be mixed with males and females. Many cultivators prefer to plant them because they are not backcrossed (basically inbred) like feminized or self-grown seeds. Once their reproductive organs appear during the flowering period, you will need to sex the seeds and discard the male seeds because they do not produce buds and pollinate the females to produce flowering seeds.

Feminized seeds

The seeds can be feminized, which means that you can put them in the soil and start to sprout. These seeds can be guaranteed to be bud-producing females, and growing them without the steps of sexual breeding and male discarding.

It also reduces the risk of letting stray males sneak into your crops-only one male can pollinate huge crops, allowing females to focus on producing seeds instead of buds.

Autoflower seeds

Autoflowering plants change from a nutrient state to a flowering state with age, rather than changes in their photoperiod. They take a very short time from harvest to harvest. From the time the seeds are placed on the ground, they can be prepared for harvest in just 2.5 to 3 months. The disadvantage is that they are generally less effective, but self-growing seeds are very useful for people who want to grow cannabis but do not want to spend much time doing it.

How much do it cost to buy a cannabis seed?

Hemp seeds are usually sold at the price of a pack of 10 or 12 seeds, starting at about $ 40 per pack and then rising from there. Some high-end genetics are priced between US $ 200 and US $ 500 per pack.

Feminizing and self-growing seeds will cost more, because more breeding work is needed to create them, and it takes less time for growers to get buds.

How many seeds do I need to grow a plant?

When you grow any number of seeds, even if you get seeds from prestigious breeders, some of them will not germinate. Always expect something that will not germinate or die, about 2-4 times the total number put on the ground.

When planting ordinary seeds, some seeds will not germinate, and some seeds will be discarded because they will eventually become male. Feminized and self-grown seeds will not germinate, but a higher percentage of them will become flowering plants.

If you want to harvest the buds of six cannabis plants in total, then when planting regular seeds, start with about 4 times or 24 seeds. Some will not germinate, some will eventually be male, then you will need to discard the six best phenotypes. If you want to plant feminized seeds or self-flowering seeds, start with about twice as many seeds (about 12 seeds) in case a couple does not germinate, then discard to the six best phenotypes.

Which strain-specific cannabis seeds should I buy?

Different types of cannabis strains have different tastes and yields. If you don’t have a favorite variety, please check here.

Which Cannabis Strain Should You Choose To Grow?

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