How Artificial Lights Help You Grow Cannabis Vertically in Tight Spaces

Posted on Aug 17 , 2020


Growing cannabis in limited or inconspicuous spaces gets more popularity in the US, Europe, and Canada since some states allowed its farming for medicinal and recreational purposes. The main issues with limited spaces lie in providing plenty of lights the plants need for proper growth. In traditional farming, each plant grows next to the other and would need a constant source and amount of light, and adjusting light height and intensities keeps grower under the hazards of adjusting them according to the plant needs. Moreover, plants would utilize energy less efficiently and even the larger spaces become economically non-feasible. Another option lies growing plants around a central light source on multiple shelves that would increase the amount of light reaching plants. Vertical farming comes with the solutions of both space and light at the same time.

Growing vertical cannabis is a great way to avail twice the space than the conventional growing. Let’s look at the possible edge and type of vertical farming that would take full advantage of the lighting system that boosts your cannabis harvest.

True Vertical

True vertical setups allow plants to grow in open space out of the edges of the column, soluble nutrients move down with the water from the top, and pass directly onto the cannabis roots while the roots keep hanging in the air. Generally, the short-statured varieties adapt well to this growing method. It could be a prerequisite to select cannabis verities that bear more flowering with minimum leaves.

Stacked Vertical

The stacked cannabis farming is the most practiced method where individual racks are stacked vertically in multiple layers holding LED lights overhead. The plants need topping that keeps them short while maintaining the heavy buds. Stacking starts from the seedling stage and continues until the flowering stage despite plants become large and heavy enough.

For the successful operations of any farming system, vertical cannabis growth lighting system plays a vital role and determines the success of your crop along with other factors such as temperature and humidity in the grow room. A simple light would not help but ideal cannabis grows light that could deliver high PPF with an effective flowering footprint and balanced light spectrum that supports the entire stages of cannabis growth from seedling to flowering. Moreover, light dimmer control is a mandatory option that allows growers to adjust light during the different stages of cannabis growth and saves a handy cost on electric bills. LED manufacturers making pretty much advances in the field and cannabis industry can trust on their expertise for producing low heat emission lights for keeping the grow room cool for sturdy cannabis growth.

Since maintaining humidity, temperature, and air circulation are mind-numbing jobs in any grow room, vertical cannabis growth lighting system helps you to maintain a low temperature that keeps checking on the humidity as well and keeps things simple. Anyhow, it is advisable to install an individual temperature/humidity sensor for 100 cubic feet covered area along with keeping regular checks on air pressure, Carbon dioxide levels, air circulation rates, and the energy drawn by the lighting system installed.

Initially, cannabis vertical farming may look pretty costly while using quality equipment and lighting system but the ROI would become bigger with the skilled labor and quality resource that manages the system.

You may become a quick starter and get the full benefits of vertical cannabis farming, if;

  • You’re in an area where direct sunlight is limited and energy costs are lower. In such cases, your return on investment can exceed that of a commercial greenhouse in that area due to higher productions and speedy growth cycles.

  • You're in cannabis farming vertical farming would lead you to touch the heights of production due to skill and experience that you already possess in the field.

  • You’re already growing cannabis in the grow room using traditional lights, LED vertical cannabis growth lighting system would allow you to take lead in saving a lot on electricity and other operational costs to maximize your income.

Our GLMX720 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light offers all the advantages for growing indoor Cannabis through the entire stages of crop growth and development by delivering a high PPF of 2160μmol/s with the efficacy of 3.0μmol/J. Its style is versatile that fit for many indoor growing systems for Cannabis. 120º wide beaming angle allows the system to yield an effective flowering footprint up to 5ft x 5ft (1.5m1.5m). Moreover, the system is waterproof with a dimmable module VD-100 that could connect and control 50 units of GLMX720 at a time. SMD LED’s provide relatively cool light than the normal LED's while the system holds 5-years of warranty behind this masterpiece for this vertical cannabis growth lighting system.

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