How to Choose the best cannabis grow led lights

Posted on Jun 29 , 2024

When growing cannabis, choosing the rightcannabis growing LED light is key.

Not only can the lamp emit light, but it must also provide a spectrum suitable for the growth of cannabis, meet the lighting needs at different growth stages, have good heat dissipation design, stable long-term performance and save energy costs.

Provide an optimal growing environment for cannabis while reducing the burden on your wallet.

This article will break down for you how to choose the best cannabis grow led lights and find the one that’s best for your plants.

1. Why are grow lights so important for growing cannabis?

indoor grow lights

Cannabis is highly sensitive to light. When grown outdoors, weather and seasonal changes can significantly disrupt growth plans. Prolonged bad weather, like ten days of heavy rain and strong winds, can severely damage cannabis plants in their growth phase.

Therefore, in indoor cultivation, light is the most crucial factor. Grow lights can simulate the full spectrum of sunlight and adjust light intensity according to the different growth stages of the plant. This provides an optimal growing environment, enhancing both the quality and yield of the cannabis.

2. How to choose the best indoor grow lights

best cannabis grow led lights

When making your choice, there are several key factors to consider carefully:

(1) First of all, the size of the planting space is one of the primary considerations when choosing lamps.

Different LED lamps have different irradiation ranges and power outputs. The appropriate type and quantity of lamps should be determined according to the size of your planting space.

For small indoor growing spaces, choosing lamps with lower power but uniform illumination intensity can effectively save energy and ensure that each cannabis plant receives enough light. For large planting areas, you need to consider choosing lamps with wide coverage and moderate power to ensure balanced light throughout the planting area and uniform plant growth.

(2) Secondly, the growth stage and light needs of plants are also important factors to consider when choosing lamps.

Cannabis plants at different stages have different light needs.

During the growth stage of cannabis, the optimal PPFD is 800 μmol/m²/s and the light duration is 12 hours.

During the flowering stage of cannabis, the optimal PPFD is 1100 μmol/m²/s and the light duration is 8 hours.

The specific requirements depend on the type of cannabis and the cultivation conditions.

(3) In addition, the energy efficiency ratio and heat dissipation effect of lamps are also important factors that need to be paid attention to during the selection process.

Efficient LED lamps can provide sufficient light while minimizing energy consumption and reducing planting costs. At the same time, good heat dissipation design can ensure that the lamps work stably for a long time, extend their service life, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

(4) Finally, choosing reliable brands and guaranteed product quality is also one of the keys to ensuring successful planting.

High-quality brands usually provide longer warranties and technical support to ensure that possible problems can be solved in a timely manner during the cultivation process and to ensure the quality and stability of cannabis growth.

THEONEGROW has been deeply involved in the plant lighting industry for 20 years, and is well aware of the various pain points and problems faced in the planting process. It is customer-centric and focuses on creating cutting-edge plant lighting solutions for various industries.

3.Plant growth light recommendation: 1000 watt grow light

1000 watt grow light

The 1000W cannabis light uses Samsung white light and high-efficiency 660nm deep red light to ensure maximum efficiency. Combining waterproof design and excellent heat dissipation, it is suitable for vertical or horizontal commercial planting facilities, and can also support the development of personalized lighting requirements.

sing top-quality white light LED:

Using Samsung white LED, the light efficiency reaches 3.0 umol/J and provides PAR 400-700nm continuous spectrum to ensure balanced light throughout the plant's life cycle.


Equipped with high light efficiency deep red LED:

Using high-efficiency 660nm deep red light, the light efficiency is as high as 3.6 umol/J. Red light plays a key role in plant photosynthesis and flowering period, helping leaf growth.


Cannabis specific spectrum:

This cannabis grow light has a full spectrum customized for cannabis plants, combining top-quality white light and 660nm red light to ensure that it provides all the wavelengths needed for plant growth and flowering. Its carefully designed spectrum not only promotes more robust plant growth, but also promotes abundant flowering, thereby achieving the goal of high yields.



Highly efficient. Obtained UL CE certification and IP67 waterproof rating to ensure long-lasting and efficient operation of LEDs.


Excellent heat dissipation performance:

The 1000W cannabis light contains 6 AL6063 aluminum alloy heat sinks to ensure stable low-temperature operation, thereby extending LED life and efficient output.



Input Power:1000W

Spectrum:Full Spectrum+660nm red light

Typical PPF:2900 μmol/s

Efficacy:2.9 μmol/J

Product weight:16 kg 35.3IBS

Dimensions:1110 cm L x 1010 cm W x 8.4 cm D

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