How to grow grapes indoors

Posted on Jul 04 , 2024

Are grapes difficult to grow?

Is it possible to grow grapes indoors?

Grapes are easier to grow than other fruit plants.

Of course there is no problem growing grapes indoors, and grapes do not require a particularly large space. Next, I will teach you how to grow grapes indoors.

1. Choose the right grape variety

grape variety

The first step is to choose the right grape variety. You will find that different grape varieties have their own advantages, the key is to find the one that suits you best. Each has its own advantages, so how should you choose? You have to ask yourself a few questions: "What kind of grapes do I want? Sweet? Large grains? Or easy to eat?" The answers to these questions will determine which variety you should choose.

1) Let’s talk about Concord Grapes first. 

This kind of grape is extremely adaptable and can grow in almost any environment. If you are a newbie, this breed is more suitable. The sweet fruit is not only edible, but can also be made into jam.

2) Let’s look at Thompson Seedless grapes. 

The biggest selling point of this variety is that it has no seeds! That's right, there are no seeds. Do you still find it troublesome to spit out grape seeds? Then you definitely need to grow some Thompson seedless grapes. Not only suitable for fresh consumption, but also suitable for making raisins.

3)  Next is Black Corinth Grapes. 

The grape's small, sweet berries make it a perfect accompaniment to desserts and salads. If you love making desserts, then Black Peony Grape is a must-try.

2. Prepare the planting environment

After selecting the species, the next step is to prepare the environment.

planting environment

1) Lighting is the primary factor.

Do you think putting it on the windowsill is enough?

You are wrong. When there is not enough light, you need to use efficient plant growth lights, such as LED grow lights, which provide at least 6-8 hours of light every day. Without enough light, grapevines will grow slowly and fruit quality will decrease.

VQ-GLTW050 - Waterproof 50Watt LED Tube Grow Light uses original Samsung LM301B high-quality white LED to ensure that plants get the best light quality. PPF reaches 135 umol/s, Efficacy reaches 2.8umol/J. Its IP65 waterproof rating is suitable for most planting scenarios. Spectrum & length can be customized to meet additional needs.

2) Temperature and humidity control are also key.

Grapes like a warm environment, and 18-24 degrees Celsius is the ideal growth temperature.

If you live in a place where the temperature is unstable, temperature control devices are your best friend.

In terms of humidity, 50-60% humidity is most suitable for grapes. Too low humidity will cause the leaves to dry out, while too high humidity will easily breed mold, diseases and insect pests.

3) Containers and soil.

Grapes have well-developed root systems and require plenty of space. A flower pot with a diameter of at least 30 cm and a height of 40 cm or more is the minimum requirement.

The soil should not be sloppy, it should be rich in organic matter, and add compost or well-rotted organic fertilizer to ensure good drainage and aeration.

4) Finally, don’t forget about planting brackets and supports.

Grapevines need to be climbed, so prepare supports or fences in advance, such as bamboo poles, metal mesh or special plant supports. It not only helps the healthy growth of grapevines, but also beautifies the indoor environment.

3. Steps to grow grapes indoors

3.Steps to grow grapes indoors

1) First, prepare seeds or seedlings.

If you think starting from seeds is too much trouble? Then you can buy seedlings directly, which is especially suitable for novices and saves worry and effort.

2) Next, it’s time to plant

Plant seeds or seedlings into prepared containers, making sure the roots are spread out and the planting depth is appropriate.

3) Next is watering

Don’t underestimate watering. When you start planting, water the soil to keep it moist but not waterlogged. Watering needs to be frequent in the initial stage, and then the frequency will be adjusted according to the soil moisture.

4) The last step, brackets and guides.

Provide indoor grapevines with supports and guide them to grow along the support, which is beneficial to ventilation and light.

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