Marijuana growers teach you how to increase marijuana yields

Posted on Dec 08 , 2023

Along the way, we have gone through countless challenges and trials while growing cannabis. Have you ever been anxious about finding that “perfect” grow light? I have spent countless days and nights looking at those inappropriate lights and wondering feebly: Why is my cannabis growing slowly and the yield is lower than expected? Until I encountered VANQ’s newfoldable 1200W cannabis grow light, everything changed.

I remember the old days when I used old-style grow lights. The light source was uneven, the energy consumption was horribly high, and the monthly electricity bill was heartbreaking. They are like money-eating monsters. And the installation is very cumbersome. But since I replaced those outdated lamps one by one with 1200W high-efficiency lamps, my grow room has a completely new look. These lights easily solved my long-standing problems of insufficient lighting, high energy consumption, and complicated installation.

If you are also looking for a grow light that will allow your cannabis plants to thrive while saving you valuable time and money, then, you will want to hear my story.


In the memory of me, an old grower, grow lights were always so bulky and tricky, and installing them was like running a marathon with no finish line – time-consuming and labor-intensive. I remember that weekend, I was preparing to install new lights. My back ached and I had to endure the annoying misalignment of the screws. That was before I came across VANQ’s 1200W cannabis grow light. This 1200W lamp is revolutionary in its folding design. I can now easily unfold and hang my lights in just a few minutes, it couldn't be easier.

foldable 1200W cannabis grow light

In the past summers, the heat in the greenhouse made me and my plants miserable, and the lamps with poor heat dissipation were like growing in an oven. But since I used the 1200W cannabis lamp launched by VANQ, the heat dissipation problem disappeared. Its super cooling system and UL-certified drivers ensure stable operation of the device, even in wet conditions, thanks to its waterproof design. Moreover, with a PPE value of 3480 μmol/s, the power conversion efficiency is extremely high, providing plants with sufficient photosynthetic energy, so I no longer have to worry about electricity bills and plant growth.

In terms of cost, I calculated that the width of these lamps reached 1.8 meters, which reduced the number of lamps I needed. At first I was worried that the price of such high-efficiency lamps would be prohibitive, but in the long run, they have reduced my maintenance and replacement costs, which is indeed a good deal.


The feeling after using these lamps can be described in one word as "worry-free". I no longer worry about the minutiae. My cannabis thrive in this perfect amount of light. I stood in my grow room and looked at the plants under these lights. It was a sense of accomplishment that I had never experienced before. I know that all this change started when I decided to replace those old lights with VANQ’s 1200W foldable grow lights. On this planting path, it is my most worthy investment partner. It seems that the price of 1200W cannabis grow lights has dropped now. I have to buy dozens of them just in case I need them!

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