Marijuana LED grow lights for indoor cannabis growing space: Tips to choose the best one

Posted on Jul 16 , 2020

Marijuana LED grow lights are relatively a new addition to the cannabis cultivation landscape. Over the past few years, LED grow lights are leaving their mark with their unprecedented ability to produce great yields without producing heat while using minimum electricity.

Recent years have witnessed rapid improvements in LED lights technology. With the introduction of customized lights specifically designed to meet cannabis cultivation and growth needs, marijuana LED grow lights have become an indispensable part of cannabis indoor cultivation. These custom-made lights owing to cannabis centric specifications help to produce better yields, density, and plant growth rates than older generic models. If not convinced yet, following lines would show you why you illuminate your indoor cannabis space with marijuana LED grow lights.

Why Choose LED lights?

There is a multitude of factors that underscore the importance of LED lights for indoor cannabis cultivation and growth. The following can be among the reasons you can base your LED lights purchase decision on.

  • LED lights present cutting-edge indoor cannabis grow light technology; you can meet light requirements of your indoor plants by making use of the customized spectrum of LED grow lights.

  • In case, issues of space and ventilation are important to you, particularly, when you have a small grow space, LED grow lights offer the ultimate solution to your growth needs.

  • Coming in a compact structure, LED grow lights are easy to install and handle. All they require is just hang them at an appropriate distance above the cannabis plants.

  • They offer flexibility; by placing them side by side better light coverage can be achieved.

  • Since marijuana grow lights don’t emit heat, therefore, there is no need to install and operate a heat ventilation system.

  • Their modern technology makes them energy efficient, consequently, they only consume half of the electricity as compared to the traditional lights.

  • Their small size and compact structure make them an indispensable part of the modern marijuana indoor spaces.

Marijuana LED grow lights and indoor cultivation      


The yield of indoor cannabis plants mainly depends upon the strain type as well grow skills of the cannabis growers. What many people either ignore or fail to pay sufficient attention to is the fact that the quality of the lamp leaves a considerable effect on the quality and yield of the produce.

Advances in LED light technologies are reshaping cannabis cultivation and growth. The modern LED models are more cannabis growth-friendly than lights available in the past few years. Today we have ‘full spectrum’ lamps that replaced red and blue light diodes. Full spectrum light not only falls light on eyes but also results in healthier indoor plant growth.

Full spectrum LED lights

The full spectrum light includes colors such as red, far red, and infrared which are great for the budding/ flowering stage. The latest innovations in light technology have enabled manufactures to develop specialized lenses that increase light penetration by pointing light directly to the plants.

This technological development allows cannabis growers to harvest larger yields for the same amount of light compared to the older models. From seed to harvest, LED grow lights can deliver impressive results by helping your plants’ growth.

Full spectrum LED lights are the latest lighting system developed for indoor marijuana garden. These lights offer the best lighting solution because of their close resemblance to effects of the real light. With inherited flexibility, full spectrum lighting system allows marijuana growers to adjust the light to better address their indoor plants' varying growth needs.

It is critical to know about different LED light types to determine which light is most appropriate for your indoor cannabis cultivation.

Types of LED grow lights

There are three main types of LED lights that are most commonly used in cannabis indoor fields. Since each model has certain associated pros and cons, it is hard to find a best LED type. Some lights which are more suitable under one set of conditions may prove less advantageous in other situations.

Spread style


Spread style LED lights are spread out over a large area. Quantum Boards, Rack, and Spider style LED lights are examples of spread style LED lights. In the following lines, we take a brief view of both Quantum Board and spider style lights.

Quantum Board

Quantum Board lights tend to have relatively low wattage diodes that are fixed on the large area of a board. The popularity of these lights has grown primarily they offer good value for the amount of wattage used.

Spider LED

Like Quantum Board, individual diodes are spread out in spider style LED but they tend to be on the smaller side. The diodes are fixed on a panel with arms like a spider. The spider style LED lights are extremely popular among cannabis growers.

Traditional panel

In a traditional panel, the standard panel LEDs contain small to medium wattage diodes with more compact lamps. Most of the LED lights available in the market come in the traditional panel. They lie in the middle between a Quantum Board and COB style light and offer features of both types of LEDs.

In addition, a range of hybrid LED grow lights are appearing in the market. They consist of various combinations of little and big LEDs as well as exhibit various features of different styles.

COB style


COB style LED lights involve huge COB (chip on board) bulbs. These devices emit incredibly bright and intense light since they contain multiple LED chips in a small area. Consequently, COB LEDs outclass other LED lights in terms of light intensity. The larger use of electricity is a downside associated with these lights.

The small diodes typical of other LED light styles are replaced by a handful of large COBs each with large lenses to direct the light down to the plant. Their exceptional capacity to throw intense light on the plants is helping them gain rapid popularity among the cannabis growers’ community.

In case, your indoor cannabis garden requires intense light with deep penetration, COB style LED lights would make your ultimate choice. However, it is not suitable for users who are looking to keep their electricity bills small.

Auto COBs

Auto COBs typically contain one COB per lamp. They provide ease in spreading out the light over a grow area. They provide flexibility since multiple units of single COB LED can be used to meet the growth requirement of cannabis plants.

Moreover, each of the COB light has a specific spectrum, by combining multiple of COB lights it is possible to create a customized spectrum for the plants.

They are very handy and can assist you in a number of ways. For example, if your grow space is unusually shaped or you want to accommodate different plants of different sizes, these lights can easily be configured to address all such issues.

Important things to consider

The purchasing of indoor LED grow lights involves the commitment of relatively large financial resources. Therefore, making the wrong purchase decision can not only hurts you financially but also affects the growth of your indoor cannabis garden. By sharing important tips and tricks, we would enable you to choose the right marijuana LED grow light for your indoor cannabis field.


Consideration of financial resources is an important factor. What type of greenhouse LED light illuminates your garden would largely be determined by your budget. A more practical approach involves listing down all the features you are looking for in a greenhouse LED light and then find LED lights that can offer those features. The comparison of different LED light models can help you make effective budget estimates.

It is wise to ensure that your final choice of LED grow lights must be within your budget.

Area to be covered

The area of your grow space determines the number of cannabis LED lights you require.  Calculate the area of your grow room and then figure out the area, a single light can illuminate.

With this, you can easily determine the number of LED lights you require to meet the light requirements of your indoor cannabis plants.

LED lens angle

The angle of dispersion within the bulbs determines the quality of LED lights to some extent. Lights with wider angles can provide better coverage by illuminating larger area of your indoor space. In case, the dispersion angle is narrow, it may result in less dispersion and more direct light.

Phases of your plants’ growth

LED light purchase decisions should be made by considering the full growth cycle of your indoor plants. Cannabis plants have different lighting requirements at different stages of their growth cycle such as flowering.

Final words

Marijuana LED grow lights are the latest illumination devices that can effectively provide light to indoor cannabis plants.  A range of benefits associated with this lighting system makes it an integral part of the indoor cannabis spaces.

There are different types of greenhouse LED grow lights. Before you illuminate your indoor garden consideration of these types along with knowledge of their related pros and cons can help you make the right choice of the LED lights.

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