when the flower is in full blossom, beauty will naturally follow

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There is saying goes, when the flower is in full blossom, the butterfly will naturally comes, for now, it is the same with the flower and succulent plant growing in VANQ laboratory, when the flower is in full blossom, the beauty will naturally follow. Dating back to early October, our laboratory people grown some Chinese [...]

Our partner choose VANQ tissue culture light rather than Valoya light

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We feel glad and honored that we received another happy comment from one of our partner in plant tissue culture growth. Screenshot of the happy comment conversation as below for your review: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- which enables more cell reproduction with leafy in much robust growth. Remember are t8 120 cm 240vac tubes with spectrum for 380 [...]

Case: Vitro plants grown indoor with New advanced led grow lamp blue and red

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Case: Vitro plants grown indoor with New advanced led grow lamp blue and red. Location: Europe Comment: We feel honored being offered the chance to support our partners in Europe with another project with VANQ led tissue culture lamps. We have the competence to serve you in same way as the project photographed below Growth [...]

Easy access to fresh leafy greens microgreens grown with vanq led grow light in the restaurant

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#ledgrowlight# #plantfactory# #indoor verticalfarm# #ledgrowlamp# #growthequippment# A new trends where led grow light and its technology happens, it is universally seen nowadays where plant grown indoor with multi-tier shelves, with leafy vegetables, basil, herbs supply for the hot-pot vendor and first-class restaurant. It enables the visitor has a feast for fresh vegetables and at the [...]

successful growth case in Australia with VANQ horticulture lamp led grow bar

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We feel glad we realized another leafy vegetables project in multi-layer shelf in totally indoor growth room. We supported with the lights by the end of February, and with proven spectrum for successful growth lasting around 45 work days. Growing varieties range: ice vegetables, herbs,tomatoes, microgreens. With T8 grow tube from VANQ, IP44/4FT/20W Photo just updated [...]

Top-Rated Hot Selling Growing Lamp in VANQ

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Dear partner, Thanks for stepping by www.vanqled.com It is Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co.,Ltd. With our team members regards, I’d like to extend our best wishes&warmest new year greetings to you all. We'd like to share you good news: 300W/600W model with mass production and export to Middle East Asia, South America and Western Europe, which enable them [...]

Unique and Sole led source for water melon growth in plant lighting industry

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Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co., Ltd is among of many a led grow light vendor who run its own first-class furnitured plant grow laboratory. With the FIRST case study in this industry utilizing led grow light (totally indoor, No natural sunlight at all). We are using An array of led tube grow light with daisy-chain connection( [...]

Customers Review for VANQLED

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Dear Partner, We feel grateful that we grow together in the led grow lighting and high power leds segment since 2009. We have made many friends in this industry and we will always be thankful to those who have supported our company. Below is the happy comment from our client. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They are ending a full crop [...]

What is IP grade in led lighting business

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The protection level system is drafted by IEC (International ELectro Technical Commission). LED lamps will be in accordance with its dust, to prevent foreign objects intrusion, waterproof, anti-moisture characteristics to be graded. The foreign objects referred to herein include tools, human fingers, etc. are not accessible to the live parts of the lamp to avoid [...]


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Why use VANQLED Grow Lights? Gardening and Horticultural enthusiasts have long reaped the benefits of being able to extend the growing season into a year-round event via Grow Lights. Grow lights provide lighting that is an indoor equivalent to sunlight. This is a great advantage which allows its user to have a year-round supply of fresh flowers, [...]

Are you sure what PAR readings really mean?

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Are you sure what PAR readings really mean? Photosynthetic Acti... Huh?    Lumens, wavelength, coverage area, etc... When you're looking for a grow light there's tons of information to look at and look for. But are you sure you're looking for the right info? One of the biggest questions you should be asking is: what is [...]

The Better LED Spectrums of LED Grow Light for Plant Growth

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Apposite growth environment would give advantage for the grow of the plants. That is the reason why some clients would like to wholesale LED grow light from LED grow light manufacturer China for their plants. Today I would like to share with you about the LED spectrums for plant growth. Generally speaking, according to long [...]

300w grow lamp advantage&strength

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VANQ 300W lamp-high integrated led grow lamp are trends VS. than conventional UFOs grow lamp Product Description 1. Actual power 275 watt. based on 4pcs 72w integrated high power LED as its light source. 2. Wide Voltage design (AC85-264V ) ,suit for most countries 3. Full spectrum. customizable wavelength and light spectrum ratio 4. Optical [...]

6 Benefits of LED Horticultural Lighting

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Our understanding of light spectrum and its effects of plant growth has improved tremendously thanks to scientific research. With our advanced knowledge comes the innovation of products that can help us achieve optimal growing conditions through the use of lighting technology. One such lighting technology is LED –Light Emitting Diode. Though LED’s are not yet [...]

Cost-effective and energy-saving led grow light for indoor plant seedling

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Guest's voice: I want to start my own vegetable seedlings this year. Will I need special light bulbs? Suitable supplemental lighting is better for starting seeds than the light coming through most windows would be. A setup of lights will allow you to grow a much wider range of vegetable varieties, which will make your [...]

Led Grow Lights Tips For Successful Plant Growth

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Growing flowers, plants and vegetables with LED lights is a balance of multiple variables including proper and correctly timed nutrition, precise watering, correct room temperature and proper LED lighting coverage design. If you are a veteran gardener this is already known. If you are new to this fascinating world of greenhouse or indoor gardening do [...]