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What Color Light is the Best for Growing Plants?

Without doubt, sunlight is the best grow light to plants, even though it looks like white or golden colors by eyes, actually it contains all colors in the spectrum – visible and invisible. And all colors light in spectrum is defined by wavelength measured by nanometers (nm). The sunlight contains all colors especially strong blue […]

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Cannabis Grow Lights

If you are growing cannabis plants for the first time to get flowers, you may wonder how to choose the best LED grow lights. After all, having a good light source is the first step to successful indoor harvesting,especially for cannabis growing.

Different varieties of grow lights as well as their characters

The Grow lights,that is to say,as modern agricultural developed, the indoor plant cultivation choose the artificial lights for home garden/greenhouse supplemental lighting/indoor main leafgreen growth, with a variety of color spectrums and light intensity options for different plant varieties growth, as the modern agricultural technology developments.

Why Cannabis Need UVA and UVB in Your Grow Room

Ultraviolet light is the light with wavelength less than 400m, which accounts for 7% of solar radiation. High-intensity ultraviolet light with smaller than 300mm is no good to plants, and ultraviolet light less than 280m can kill plants. 320-340nm has less effect on plant cryptophyll pigments. Sunlight is a continuous spectrum with wavelengths ranging from 100nm X-rays […]

LED light as well as different wavelengths affect in plant growth

As the modern agricultural technology developed, the Light emitting diodes LED technology as the key advancement for improving the potential for horticulture and horticulture ways. In comparison with previous lighting options,i.e. HPS or CMH, it is more efficient whatever the amount of energy consured and PAR value for plant leaf. At the same time, it […]


LED lights are becoming the most popular trend in Indoor Cannabis growing.  There are many reasons behind the justifiable popularity of LED lights including durability, cost effectiveness, energy saving and reduced water usage. If you are new to growing cannabis with LED lights, here is a quick guide to help you in the procedure. Using […]


With Rapid advancement in the LED Technology, more and more Cannabis growers are switching to Indoor cannabis growing. LED lights offer numerous benefits over other indoor lighting options such as HID lights. LED lights come with a longer life span and consume way less energy, making the farming process quite affordable even for the beginners. […]

Photoreceptors in plants from ultraviolet light to far-red light

1. Diverse photoreceptors in plants Many civilizations, including the sun god of ancient Egypt, thought that the blessings of sunlight were the source of life. In fact, the survival of all life, including humans, is supported by the photosynthesis of plants that capture solar energy. Plants that perform photosynthesis have no means of transportation except […]

Six tips to control the humidity of indoor cannabis cultivation

First let’s see a real indoor cannabis cultivation case: The Galina Plant Factory in Akron, Ohio, we kept the relative humidity at about 65% during the growth of the plants, and gradually decreased during the third to eighth weeks of flowering, and the harvest was full. In indoor cannabis cultivation operations, controlling humidity is absolutely critical […]

Don’t be fooled by the word of “full spectrum” when choosing LED grow lights

When studying the photosynthesis of plants under solar radiation, the wavelength of the PAR value used by countries all over the world is only described in the range of 400nm-700nm. Many LED plant lights that claim to be full-spectrum have UV and FR partial bands, but they still Use PPFD to represent the spectral parameters. […]

How to add the right light source to your cannabis production

In recent years, LED lights have become more and more important for the indoor growth of our favorite plants. We discussed the various success factors of in-house production before. Here is a short summary: Indoor growth gives you the opportunity to influence all environmental factors. The conditions of air, water and lighting can create the […]

LED Grow Light that Surprisingly Increases Vegetable Production

Growing tomatoes, Lettuce, and Peppers in the greenhouse or indoor growing environment is not a tricky task nowadays. The tomato growing process starts with a selection of the right seeds that give maximum germination along with the purity that it labels. Considering tomato, a top choice for indoor growing, two types of tomatoes are common […]

Commercial LED Grow Lights – Indoor and Vertical – VANQ LED

With indoor cultivation of plants has become more and more popular in growing high-value crops such as medical cannabis, the demand for better and cheaper commercial-grade grow lights has increased considerably over the past several years and is expected to be 5 times higher by 2025. With the advantage of high energy-efficiency, flexible spectrum customization, low heat […]

How to choose the best full spectrum LED grow lights for your crops?

What is a full spectrum LED grow light? As we know, light is basically electromagnetic waves. No matter it is high frequency such as gamma rays or low frequency of radio waves, or the visible wavelength within 400-700nm, all can be theoretically called ”light”. By now, there is no artificial lighting device, not even the […]

What Is The Difference Between LED Technology And Others In Horticulture Lighting?

With the fast development of indoor horticulture, artificial lighting technologies has been widely used in indoor and greenhouse plant growing for a long time. In order to choose the best light source for plant growth, it is necessary to understand the history, characteristics, luminescent mechanism, and applicability of typical light sources. 1.Three Horticultural Lighting Technologies […]

The Relationship Of Light And Plant Growing

Light is the basic environmental factor for plant growth and development. It is not only the basic energy source of photosynthesis but also an important regulator of plant growth and development. The growth and development of plants are not only restricted by the amount of light or light intensity (photon flux density, PFD) but also […]

Lighting In Cannabis Cultivation: HPS Vs LED

The HPS lights, high sodium pressure, have been the most used until today in the cultivation of indoor cannabis. However, with the cost of LED going down and technology of LED improving, growers are growing more with the new LED lights and therefore the LED horticultural lighting industry is expanding rapidly. In this article we want to put […]

How To Optimize The Light Spectrum To Increase THC Level In Cannabis Cultivation

Creating an ideal environment for cannabis plants is only feasible if we understand the principles of nature – we cannot ignore the light spectrum. Most cannabis growers have several goals in mind when planning an indoor crop. Achieve higher yields, increase THC level, or simply improve plant health. This strategic planning implies having knowledge in various scientific […]

How To Measure Lighting Level In Horticulture: PAR, PPF, PPFD, And DLI

How is light measured in horticulture? To choose your horticulture lighting, it is essential to understand and know the metrics of the field. These will be useful to you in achieving your production and growth objectives. You will cross paths with certain measures such as: Watt, Lumens, LUX, PAR, PPF and PPFD. Indeed, they are related to lighting, […]

How To Grow Lettuce Indoors All Year Around

Lettuce is an excellent crop for greenhouse production throughout the year, especially in colder areas in the north. Lettuce is a crop with low light and low temperature, so hydroponic lighting and heating costs can be minimized in lettuce grow indoors. On the other hand, local producers who can provide a constant supply of fresh and gourmet-quality […]

Effects Of LED Lights With Different Light Quality On Plant Growth Quality

Light quality has a great impact on plant growth and development, photosynthetic characteristics, yield and quality. Studies have shown that green light and red light significantly promote the elongation of colored sweet pepper seedling stems, blue light has a dwarfing effect on seedlings, and composite light has a better effect than monochromatic light, and is […]

Effect Of Light Quality On Vegetable Quality

Light quality can affect many physiological processes of plants, especially in terms of photosynthesis and plant morphogenesis. The rational use of specific light waves is beneficial to improving the nutritional quality of vegetables. It is generally believed that red light is beneficial to the accumulation of carbohydrates and can promote the synthesis of soluble sugars, […]

3 Key Points To Be Noted When Build Lighting System For Tissue Culture

LED grow light is one of the most important conditions in tissue culture lighting system, mainly in terms of light intensity, light quality, and light period: Light intensity Tissue culture lighting intensity has an important influence on the proliferation of cells and differentiation of organs. From the current research situation, light intensity has a significant […]

10 Essential Tips For Growing Indoor Cannabis

With the rise of cannabis cultivation, and after receiving so many questions from many people who begin to grow cannabis indoors do not get expected results, we felt obliged to make several general recommendations to new growers from our experience of growing with some prominent commercial growers. Following these tips, you will achieve a quality harvest without unforeseen events.  #1 Always remember […]