Double the installation efficiency: my VANQ 1600W cannabis grow light cultivation experience

Posted on Dec 06 , 2023

As a professional cannabis grower, I am always looking for solutions that increase yields and reduce costs. Throughout my growing experience, I have come to realize that the right grow lights play a vital role in healthy plant growth and yield. For a long time, I was using cannabis grow lights with lower wattage, separate power supply from the grow light, and cumbersome installation, which cost me a lot of time and labor in installation and severely limited my growing potential. It wasn’t until I encountered VANQ’s 1600W cannabis grow light that I realized how limited my previous choices were.

Easy installation and cost saving:

VANQ’s 1600W Cannabis Grow Light features a revolutionary foldable design, an innovation that has made a huge impact on my grow room layout. The light's bi-folding design not only increases its flexibility but also greatly simplifies installation and transportation. The area that previously required multiple low-power lamps can now be illuminated by only a small number of 1600W lamps, which saved me double the installation cost compared to before.

High performance, durability and water resistance:

Stability and durability are my main considerations in a variety of growing environments. VANQ’s 1600W luminaire performs impressively in this regard. Its LED bar has an IP65 waterproof rating and is equipped with a custom driver certified by UL, ensuring stable operation in the harshest planting environments. What’s even more surprising is that the light efficiency of this lamp is as high as 2.9umol/J, and the PPF is as high as 4640umol/s. It effectively converts electrical energy into light energy that promotes plant growth, achieving uniform illumination of the full spectrum, which greatly improves my plant growth rate and yield.

Full cycle coverage, intelligent control:

We all know that cannabis cultivation has relatively high environmental requirements. To be able to ensure that my cannabis is grown in the best possible environment and increase my yield and quality. For this purpose I also purchased a controller (VQ-MIG4B3) and a temperature and humidity sensor (VQ-PWS2). When these tools are used together, they provide me with an unprecedented total control experience in growing cannabis. According to each different stage of cannabis, the controller can adjust the appropriate light intensity. It feels like my cannabis is growing faster. At the same time, combined with temperature and humidity sensors, the planting environment can be monitored in real time and accurately adjusted to ensure that plants thrive in the best environment. The flexibility and precision of the control system have undoubtedly improved my planting efficiency.

By using VANQ’s 1600W cannabis grow light, my growing business has made a qualitative leap. The change from a low-power grow light to a 1600W grow light not only improved my planting efficiency, but also brought significant results in reducing operating costs. This product from VANQ is not just a lamp, it represents the future trend of efficient and intelligent planting. I strongly recommend every cannabis grower who pursues excellence to try VANQ’s 1600W grow light and experience the cultivation revolution brought about by technological innovation.

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