VANQ at Cannabis Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand: Technological Innovation Leads the Trend

Posted on Dec 01 , 2023

The 2023 Cannabis Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand has successfully concluded. During the four-day event, VANQ demonstrated our innovative technology to the world, and more importantly, we had in-depth exchanges with cultivation experts, business partners and potential customers from all over the world.

Cannabis Exhibition

In these exchanges, we focused on the latest development trends in the industry and discussed cutting-edge issues in smart agricultural technology. Especially in the field of smart plant lighting, we have in-depth discussions with our peers on how to increase crop yields, reduce energy consumption, and explore new directions for sustainable agriculture through technological innovation. These interactions not only bring new market insights to VANQ, but also provide valuable guidance for our future product development and business expansion. Our team actively absorbed suggestions and feedback from exhibitors to optimize our product design and service strategies to better meet the needs of the market and customers.

Cutting-edge display of technological innovation

At the just-concluded Cannabis Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, VANQ Rehabilitation’s innovative and efficient plant lighting technology and high-performance product series became a highlight of the exhibition. Not only does it demonstrate its in-depth understanding of plant growth light technology, but it also proves to the world its professional capabilities in promoting plant growth and increasing crop yields through the practical application of its products.

1. Foldable 1600W Cannabis Grow Light(VQ-GLOC1600B16):

1600W Cannabis Cultivation Light, with its revolutionary double-folding design, greatly simplifies the installation and transportation process. This lamp is not only equipped with a high-efficiency waterproof power driver, but also has excellent light efficiency of up to 2.9umol/J. The built-in intelligent dimming function perfectly adapts to the various lighting needs of plants from the growth stage to the flowering stage. It’s 2.1-meter wide design significantly reduces the number of lamps required, effectively reducing the overall installation cost.

2. Foldable 1200W Cannabis Grow Light (VQ-GLOC1200A10):

1200W cannabis grow light, specially designed with a foldable structure. This lamp specifically adopts a UL-certified high-efficiency driver and an excellent light efficiency of up to 2.9umol/J. It has a built-in advanced light adjustment system that perfectly adapts to various stages of plants from growth to flowering. Its 1.8-meter-wide lamp body design effectively reduces the number of lamps required for installation, thereby significantly reducing costs.

Foldable 1200W Cannabis Grow Light.png

3. Super heat dissipation 1000W Cannabis Grow Light (VQ-GLMX1000C)

The VQ-GLMX1000C is a 1000W cannabis light designed for vertical or horizontal commercial grow facilities. It combines Samsung white light and high-efficiency 660nm deep red light to ensure maximum efficiency. Samsung white light efficacy can reach 3.0umol/J. The waterproof design and excellent heat dissipation capabilities of this lamp make it suitable for a variety of planting environments, while supporting the customization of lamps.


4.Control system wireless master controller (VQ-MIG4B3) & temperature and humidity sensor (VQ-PWS2)

VANQ's temperature and humidity sensor and wireless master controller form a perfect plant growth environment management combination. The sensor focuses on high-precision environmental monitoring, accurately measuring temperature and humidity, ensuring ideal growing conditions for plants. At the same time, the controller has a single 4-channel adjustable spectrum and touch screen operation, providing advanced remote control functions. The synergy of these two devices enables real-time monitoring and adjustment of the environment, and also simulates natural light changes, such as sunrise and sunset, to create a more natural and suitable growing environment for plants. This fusion of technologies provides growers with efficient and smart solutions to optimize overall plant growth performance.

This fusion of technologies provides growers with efficient and smart solutions to optimize overall plant growth performance. Customer feedback shows that VANQ has excellent performance in increasing crop yields and reducing energy consumption. At the same time, the convenience and accuracy of our intelligent control system greatly improves the efficiency of planting management. This positive customer feedback guides our continued commitment to developing more efficient and smarter agricultural solutions to meet the growing market demand for advanced planting technologies.

Through communication with exhibitors from all over the world, we have a deep understanding that the future development of plant lighting technology must not only focus on product performance and efficiency, but also pay attention to environmental sustainability and user operating experience. These valuable insights and feedback will guide our future product development and market strategies, helping us better meet the needs of global customers.

VANQ will remain unswervingly committed to technological innovation and continuously optimize our product lines to meet the growing market demand. We firmly believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, VANQ will be able to provide more efficient and reliable solutions to the global agriculture and plant growth fields, and join the world in welcoming a greener and more sustainable future.

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