How much space does cannabis cultivation require?

Posted on Jul 11 , 2024

Whether for personal recreational or medical use, more and more people are growing cannabis at home or in specialized growing areas. So, how much space do we need to grow cannabis?

We need to understand first.

What type of cannabis did you choose, was it Sativa or Indica? Are you planning to grow indoors or in a tent? How many are planted?

This article will detail the space required for different planting scenarios to help you prepare for your planting plan. From free-hand planting to indoor planting, we will analyze them individually to help you create the ideal planting environment.

1. Factors affecting planting space

 Factors affecting planting space

The space required to grow cannabis depends on several factors, such as cannabis varieties, growing style, growing method, etc. Today we will first talk about cannabis varieties and planting methods. Regarding the planting methods, if you are a novice who just started planting, it is recommended to try soil culture first. Compared with hydroponics, it will be cheaper and easier to get started:

  • Cannabis Varieties: Different varieties of cannabis vary significantly in height and width. Some varieties such as Indica tend to grow shorter and wider, suitable for smaller growing spaces, while Sativa is generally taller and requires more vertical space.

    • Common cannabis varieties:

    • Blue Dream: This is a hybrid variety with a medium height that is very popular and suitable for various growing environments.

    • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): Known for its high yields and unique flavor, this hybrid variety is suitable for growing in medium spaces.

  • OG Kush: Moderate height, suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, popular among growers.

  • Growing methods: Indoor growing, tent growing and outdoor growing have different space requirements. Lighting and ventilation need to be considered for tents and indoor cultivation, while weather and sunlight need to be considered for outdoor cultivation.

2. Tent planting

2. Tent planting

  • Small grow (1-3 plants): If you are only growing one or two cannabis plants, a 2x2 or 3x3 foot grow tent is recommended. A space of this size can accommodate a small grow tent with basic lighting and ventilation systems.

  • Medium-sized grow (3-5 plants): For 3 to 5 plants of cannabis, a 4x4 foot grow tent is recommended. Such a space allows you to better manage plant growth and provide each plant with adequate light and ventilation.

  • Large Grows (5 Plants and Above): If you have a larger grow, a 5x5 foot or larger space is recommended for 5 or more cannabis plants to ensure each plant has enough room to grow.

THEONEGROW offers tents in various sizes, from 3x3 to 5x5 feet, to meet different needs and can provide customized services.

Shelf planting: Using vertical space is also a way to improve planting efficiency. You can use a tiered planting system to plant more plants in the same area and maximize the use of space.

3. Indoor planting

Indoor planting

For indoor growing, a good rule of thumb is to allocate at least two square feet of space to each plant.


Because this provides each plant with ample light and air circulation.

Benefits of proper plant spacing:

  • Reduce the risk of mold and pests: With sufficient space, the rapid spread of mold and pests can be reduced.

  • Ensure Adequate Light: Each plant receives adequate light, which is necessary for photosynthesis and overall plant health.

  • Ensure air circulation: Adequate airflow helps regulate temperature and humidity levels. If the air is not circulated and the temperature and humidity are too high, plant growth will be affected.

  • Easy Maintenance: Proper spacing allows you to easily access each plant for regular maintenance tasks such as pruning, training, and harvesting.

By planning and utilizing your space wisely, you can ensure that your cannabis plants grow healthily and achieve optimal yields.

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