How to choose a grow light based on the size of your growing space?

Posted on Mar 14 , 2024

As cannabis legalization surges, more and more people are exploring the possibility of growing cannabis in their own homes. However, for cannabis to thrive in an indoor environment, choosing the right grow lights is crucial. So how to choose the appropriate plant light according to the size of the growing space at home? Don’t worry, this article will solve all your doubts.

Basic knowledge of grow lights

Before making an in-depth selection, let’s take a brief look at the common grow lights on the market:

LED lights: favored by indoor gardening enthusiasts for their high energy efficiency, low heat generation and long service life. They provide full-spectrum light that is close to natural sunlight, making them ideal for cannabis at all stages of growth.

HPS lamps: Provides strong light, especially suitable for promoting plant flowering. However, it should be noted that HPS lamps generate a lot of heat and may require auxiliary cooling equipment.

Fluorescent lights: Ideal for those on a budget, particularly suitable for seedling growth or for the care of small plants.

Choose grow lights according to the size of the space

In the world of growing cannabis indoors, choosing the right grow lights is crucial to ensuring your plants grow healthily. Different sizes of growing spaces have different needs for grow lights.

Small space planting

For those indoor gardening enthusiasts with limited space, a 36*36*72-inch grow tent is an ideal choice. Such a space is ideal for beginners or those who only want to grow a few plants. In a tent of this size, you can grow approximately 2 to 4 cannabis plants, depending on the size of the plants you want and how you want them to be grown.

For this type of small space, 200W to 400W LED grow lights are a very suitable choice. LED lights are highly regarded for their high energy efficiency and low heat output. They not only provide enough light to promote plant growth, but also ensure that the temperature in the growing space is controlled within an ideal range to avoid overheating problems. At the same time, the full-spectrum design of LED lights can simulate natural light and meet the needs of cannabis plants at all stages from growth to flowering.

Small space planting

Medium space planting

As your growing ambitions expand, a 60*60*80-inch grow tent may better meet your needs. Such a space can accommodate approximately nine cannabis plants.

In medium-sized spaces, 720W to 1000W LED grow lights can provide sufficient and uniform light, ensuring that each plant receives sufficient light, promoting healthy plant growth and abundant yields.

Medium space planting

Large planting project

For commercial-level planting projects or enthusiasts with larger planting spaces, you can choose higher-power plant lights. 1000W to 1600W LED grow lights can not only provide strong light and wide coverage, but also ensure that each plant can get enough light even in a larger planting space.

For a large-scale planting project like this, rational placement of multiple high-power LED fixtures is key to ensuring uniform light coverage. At the same time, heat management of these high-power lamps is equally important, and auxiliary ventilation or cooling systems may be needed to maintain a stable temperature in the growing environment.

Whether you’re just starting to explore indoor growing or you’re already an experienced grower, choosing the right grow lights for the size of your growing space is the cornerstone of growing success. The VANQ team has been researching plant growth lights for twenty years. According to the cultivation needs of different stages of cannabis, it has developed 50W-1600W cannabis plant growth lights, covering every stage of cannabis and providing better and practical solutions for growers. If you want to know about medium planting tips, please click on the dialog box below to contact us~

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