VANQ LED Grow Light

VANQ is a professional horticultural lighting system provider established in 2009. As one of the leading pioneers who started to develop horticulture lighting products with LED technology, the company focuses on supplying commercial-grade LED grow lights for cannabis cultivation, vertical farming plant factory, greenhouse supplemental lighting, tissue culture, etc.


GLMX720 is the ideal medicinal plants grow light for both commercial cultivation facilities and home hobby growers with grow tent. It is made of 6pcs 120W LED bars, and at the full power of 720W, it can deliver a PPF of 1940 μmol/s with an effective flowering footprint of 5ft x 5ft. Each of the 6pcs 120W LED bars consists of SMD high efficacy LEDs with extra blue 450nm, deep red 660nm, and infrared 730nm LEDs which deliver a balanced spectrum suitable for the whole growth cycle from propagation to flowering.

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Cannabis Cultivation: Black Kush

Cannabis Cultivation: Tangie Cookies

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